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Upholstery components

We supply various sewing components for furniture production to dozens of companies throughout the country. Take advantage of our offer.


Upholstery tapes

Type: woven, knitted, load bearing
Colors: white and black
Sizes: 3-70mm

Upholstery tapes are used in the production of furniture, backpacks, bags or sachets. They are used to secure the seams and edges of fabrics. There are woven tapes, knitted tapes and carrier tapes. They come in a variety of widths and colors.


Upholstery cords

Type: with or without core
Colors: White or black
Sizes: 2/3/4/5/6/7 / 10mm

Polyester upholstery cords are mainly used in the production of upholstered furniture and mattresses. Also used as welts in clothing. The cords may have a stiffening core inside.


Haberdashery gums

Type: woven, knitted, round.


  • woven: 4-50mm

  • knitted: 8-50mm

  • round: 1-3mm

There are stretchy haberdashery gums  used for the production of clothing and upholstered furniture. We offer knitted rubbers and more durable woven rubbers. We supply white and black upholstery rubbers.


Upholstery Pikes

Collective package: 1000 pcs.
Sizes: 20-200mm

Upholstery pikes are a structural component used for quilting upholstered furniture. They are made of PVC elements and  polyester webbing.


Upholstery belts

Types: Plain, Flexible
Stretchability: 40% / 60% / 80% / 100%

Flexible upholstery belts  used in the production of backrests and seats in furniture factories. We supply flexible upholstery belts and non-stretchy webbing upholstery belts. The seat and backrest belts are woven from tightly weave polypropylene fibers. In the case of stretchy upholstery belts, an admixture of latex rubber is also used. The product is not susceptible to dyeing and discoloration, it is characterized by high abrasion resistance.


Kedra Felt

Sizes: 15 / 25mm

Types: with or without holes

The felt keder consists of a felt cover stiffened with a plastic rod. It is used for finishing furniture and leathercraft upholstery. It gives shape to the furniture's finish and prevents the edges from rubbing.

Kedra z Filcem

Upholstery components

Do you need supplies for your production process?

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