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Our offer

We are constantly making efforts to adjust our offer to the needs of the Polish sewing industry.
The zippers and trimmings we produce are subjected to scrupulous quality control.
As a distributor of sewing threads, hook  and loop fasteners upholstery components, we place emphasis on ensuring flexibility in deliveries and quick order fulfillment.
We understand how important it is for our customers to avoid downtime  production, so we provide them with individual safety stocks.
We are actively looking for new suppliers to reduce procurement costs for the domestic clothing and furniture industry.

Produkty: Produkty

We have many years of experience in the production of zippers. We are a reputable supplier of sewing threads used in sewing rooms throughout the country.  We provide our clients with a wide range of furniture accessories, including polypropylene nonwovens, trimmings and Velcro tapes.

Czerwone nici szwalnicze
Metalowy zamek błyskawiczny
Taśma Rzep
Sewing threads 

A wide selection of sewing threads. Polyester, cotton and specialist threads. Professional help in a product selection.


Metal, spiral and plastic zippers. Produced at FARO. High-quality zipper tapes and zippers.

Hook & Loop

Standar hook & loop fasteners.

Self-adhesive hook & loop.

Other hook & loop.

Kolorowe lamówki
Ciemna kanapa
Włókniny polipropylenowe

Flat and pressed trimmings. Tabs. Produced at FARO.

Cotton, satin and printed.

Upholstery components

Materials necessary in the production of upholstery. Flat rubbers, upholstery tapes, carrying and elastic belts, polyester cords.


Non-woven polypropylene.

Fibertex and Spunbond.

We offer various weights along with the service of cutting the material entrusted to us.

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