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Sewing threads

Sewing threads are one of our flagship products. Since 2006, we have been helping our customers to select the appropriate assortments for machines and specific applications. We supply sewing threads for simple and economical sewing as well as for specialized technical applications. Many central European enterprises have benefited from our proposals. We offer something for everyone who values the quality of stitching and high sewing, as well as customers who will appreciate savings on production materials.


Core Polyester

Name: KUMA
Thickness: 30/36/50/75/100/150
Producer: MIC ITALY

Composition 100% polyester core.
Universal high-quality polyester thread. It consists of a continuous polyester core and a braid of polyester staple fibers. It is characterized by high stitching, durable weave and resistance to abrasion, tearing and color fading. Adapted for use on automatic machines, punching machines and quilting machines.

Primary Use:

  • women's and men's clothing and underwear,

  • shirts, sweatshirts, sports

  • work and medical clothes

  • denim clothing

  • leather goods

  • Upholstered furniture


Cut polyester

Thickness: 30/36/50/75/100/150
Producer: MIC ITALY

Universal sewing thread made of twisted fibers of staple polyester. It is characterized by good sewing and relatively high resistance to tearing. Staple polyester threads are less durable and more cost-effective than core polyester threads.

Primary Use:

  • women's / men's clothing

  • Workwear

  • textiles

  • Sportswear

  • pillows


Continuous Polyester

Thickness: 10/25/20/30/40/60/80/120/180
Producer: MIC ITALY

Continuous polyester threads are made of durable polyester fibers. Threads of this type are plaited from long, thin fibers, also known as filaments. The durable weave of the thread guarantees high resistance to tearing and abrasion. A special lubrication ensures excellent sewing properties by reducing the thread friction coefficient. Available in 450 colors.

Primary Use:

  • leather goods, fur and footwear

  • furniture upholstery and sewing technical fabrics

  • mattresses, sleeping bags, quilting

  • printing

  • high-strength construction seams and thicker decorative seams


Continuous Polyester for blind stitch machines

Name: STR
Thickness: 180/300
Producer: MIC ITALY

This thin and durable thread was designed for sewing light fabrics. It is used wherever delicate and invisible seams are needed.


Primary Use:

  • delicate and invisible seams

  • underwear

  • suits


Textured Polyester

A thickness of 30/20/15/10
Beams: 7,000 m - 30,000 m
Producer: MIC ITALY

High-quality textured polyester sewing threads are used for overlock seams. Popularly called "yarn" or "texture", they are widely used as a thread for overlock machines and quilting machines. The stitches sewn with textured polyester are characterized by fine and smooth seams. At the same time, these threads ensure high strength and flexibility of the seams.

Primary Use:

  • for finishing fabrics

  • overlock stitches

  • overcasting seams

  • cover seams

Bez nazwy.png

Textured Polyester Furniture

Thickness: 167/1 and 167/2
Coil: 30,000m
Colors: Natural, White, Black

BESTSELLER - Call us and ask for a price!


A product proven on the Polish furniture market. Textured polyester, mainly used for overlocking overlock fabrics. This product is a durable and economical solution used successfully by many of our customers.

The product is also available on Kingspool reels


Elastic threads

Thickness: 18/30/50/75/120
Beams: 1500m - 5000m
Producer: MIC ITALY

Elastic threads consist of 100% polyester fibers. These threads have undergone a special process of elasticity. They are perfect for seams that are most exposed to stretching. The thread stretch of about 70% guarantees good sewing properties.

Primary Use:

  • underwear, swimwear

  • Sportswear

  • clothing made of stretchable fabrics

  • knitwear

  • overlock seams


Threads 100% Cotton

Thickness: 8/12/16/24/30/50/80
Producer: MIC ITALY

Cromo threads are braided from 100% cotton fibers. Cromo threads are classic threads designed to be dyed with clothing. The thread resists fiber shrinkage and provides good tear resistance.

Basic  application:

  • clothing intended for dyeing

  • elastic seams with a skin-friendly cotton braid

On request, also available polyester threads with a COVERSPUN cotton braid.


NOMEX® flame retardant threads

Thickness: 40/3, 70/3, 100
Beams: 2500m - 5000m
Producer: MIC ITALY

Our offer also includes NOMEX® and RED-FIRE flame retardant threads.  They are made of 100% high temperature resistant meta-aramid fibers (DuPont®).

The thread has antistatic properties. In order to ensure work safety, in the most difficult conditions, the seams withstand temperatures up to 379 degrees Celsius.

Primary Use:

  • firefighting clothing

  • clothing for electrotechnical use

  • automotive industry

  • flight suits

  • military uniforms and law enforcement


Embroidery thread

Name: Farohaft 40
Thickness: 40
Beam: 5000m

Embroidery threads are made of 100% polyester continuous fibers. Used in machine embroidery. They retain the quality and colors of the embroidery after washing the clothes.

Primary Use:

  • machine embroidery

  • embroidering corporate clothing

  • embroidering advertising clothing

  • embroidering jeans and workwear

Colors: White, Black, Red at promotional prices!



Name: Thread 100%  core polyester
Thickness: 120
Roll diameter: 10 mm, 11 mm
Beams: 200m

Core polyester threads wound on bobbins. They are used in the production of mattresses and quilts during the quilting process.

Primary Use:

  • quilting quilts

  • mattress quilting

  • fabric quilting


Better sewing quality

Do you want to test MIC sewing threads in your production conditions?

Call us and order a trial batch of threads in a standard color.


Smaller Beams

At the client's request, we wind the sewing threads into smaller spools.

Please contact us if you want more information.

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