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We produce high-quality polyester-cotton trimmings and  tabs in cooperation with the French company AJ Biais. We bend, cut and press the material. We also offer a service of cutting the material entrusted to us.


Our trimmings and biais are made of the following materials:

Polyester - Cotton

Classic Polycotton.

This material will be used in most trimmings and insets.

Composition: Cotton (35%) and polyester (65%).

Weight: 85g / m2



The elegant gloss of satin trimmings gives a unique character to the sewn fabrics.

Composition: 100% polyester.

Weight: 95g / m2


Fashionable prints will work as a finish for many fabrics. Patterns, flowers, stripes, dots.

Composition: Cotton or polyester - cotton.

Weight: 85g / m2


Other Fabrics

Unconventional projects require non-standard solutions. We offer a selection of eco-leather, viscose, vinyl and nylon trimmings.

If you need a different pattern, please contact us.


Types of trimmings:





Trimmings and insets manufactured by FARO are used in the production and finishing of:

  • underwear

  • corporate and elegant clothing

  • sports and technical clothing

  • pillows and bedding

  • bags and trolleys

  • and as a haberdashery intermediate

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The product is created in cooperation with AJ Biais
Logo Aj Biais

Aj Biais

French manufacturer of trimmings

The origins of Aj Biais date back to 1890, with the introduction of the product in the form of braided ribbons for the clothing industry. Nowadays, the company produces a wide range of cotton trimmings, polyester trimmings, insets and ribbons. The Faro company produces trimmings in cooperation with Aj Biais, which guarantees a wide range of available patterns and materials.

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