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As a manufacturer of zippers and a distributor of zipper tapes, we deliver the highest quality products to the market. We make sure that our product range is varied, which is why we offer many types of zippers. We offer our clients the possibility to adjust the decorative lock components to emphasize the value of their products.

Zamki metalowe

Metal Zipper

The width of the teeth 3 / 5/ 8
Lock types: NR / R / KOMBI / X / O

We produce metal zippers with plain, shiny or polished teeth. We have sliders and zipper tapes in various plating. The components we use do not contain nickel, which has allergenic properties.

Primary Use:

  • pants

  • dresses and skirts

  • sweatshirts and outerwear

  • footwear

Zamki spiralne

Nylon Zippers

The width of the teeth:  4/5/7/9
Type of locks: NR / R / KOMBI / X / O

We manufacture nylon zippers from high-quality nylon straps. We produce standard spiral locks and  metallized. We offer hidden, reverse locks wherever a more discreet solution is needed. We also offer reverse zippers  zipper and waterproof. We also offer rotary sliders.

Primary Use:

  • production of clothing

  • Upholstered furniture

  • mattresses and locks on the bedding

  • tents, sleeping bags, covers.

Zamki kostkowe

Plastic Zipper

The width of the teeth:  4/6/9/14
Type of locks: NR / R / KOMBI / X / O

Cube locks are made of polyester tape on which plastic teeth are injected. The zippers produced in this way are light as well  durable. They are perfect for the production of sportswear, sweatshirts and outerwear.

Primary Use:

  • Sportswear

  • sports sweatshirts

  • fleece

  • jackets and outerwear


Zipper Components

Zipper tapes.
Sliders and hangers.

We offer a wide selection of hangers, zippers and zipper tapes. We supply handles and hangers in various electroplating. We make engravings on hangers at the customer's request. Our spiral zipper tapes with auto-lock or non-lock sliders can be successfully used in the production of upholstered furniture, mattresses, leather accessories, suitcases and bedding.

Primary Use:

  • Upholstered furniture

  • mattresses

  • linen

  • suitcases

Technical Zippers

Waterproof zippers

The watertight zipper is resistant to weather conditions. As a result, splash-proof zippers are suitable for use in coats, jackets and wherever we want to protect the interior of the product from getting wet.

Primary Use:

  • jackets

  • backpacks

  • tents

Zamki wodoodporne

Zippers, tapes and sliders.

Contact us and we will present you our solutions and advise you in choosing the final product.

Technical informations

Informacje techniczne

Construction of the zipper:

1. Top Stop

2. Slider with a Hanger

3. Ziper chain

4. Ziper chain

5. Bottom Stop

6. Pin

7. Box

8. Plastic reinforcement

9. The width of the zipper

10.Length of the zipper


Zip Fastener

A. Zip Fastener

B."Molla" Bridge

C. Hanger

Types of zippers:

Typy zamków błyskawicznych
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